Meet The Band

Dave Jackson: Percussion, Vocals, Master Coffee Roaster, Learner

Michael Lundy: Guitar, Vocals, Reader, Motorcyclist, Disc Jockey

Tyler Henry: Bass, Vocals, Seeker, Brew Expert



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Song List

Alabama Getaway - The Grateful Dead

Althea - The Grateful Dead

Back On The Train - Phish

Blaze On - Phish

Boogie On Reggae Woman - Stevie Wonder

Break My Chain - Prairie Dogma 

Cities - Talking Heads

Come On UpTo The House - Tom Waits 

Deal - Jerry Garcia

Dirt Circus - Prairie Dogma 

Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough - Michael Jackson 

Electric Avenue To Hell - Eddie Grant / AC-DC 

Fearless - Pink Floyd

Forget The Flowers - Wilco

Knocking On Heaven’s Door - Bob Dylan 

Heavy Metal Drummer - Wilco

It’s Good To Be Back - Prairie Dogma 

If Ever I Was A Child - Wilco

Keep It Simple - Prairie Dogma  

Life During Exodus - Talking Heads / Bob Marley

Maxine - Prairie Dogma 

Mr. Cheese - Prairie Dogma 

New Speedway Boogie - The Grateful Dead


One Lane Bridge - Prairie Dogma  

Portmagee - Prairie Dogma  

Rio - Michael Nesmith 

Some of Blessing’s Blues - Prairie Dogma  

Stop That Train - Bob Marley 

Sugaree - Jerry Garcia  

The Harder They Come - Peter Tosh  

The Weight - The Band  

Watch For Deer - Prairie Dogma  

Wile E. Coyote -  Great Divide 

What’s So funny (‘bout peace, love, understating) - Nick Lowe 

When I Write The Book - Nick Lowe 

Wolfman’s Brother - Phish

Fly - Sugar Ray

Walk Away - The James Gang

Bad Time - Grand Funk Railroad

Jammin’ - Bob Marley

Fly - Sugar Ray

Down In The Flood - Bob Dylan

Take Me To The River - Al Green / Talking Heads 


Press Kit

Prairie Dogma:

Jams, Classic, & Originals

Prairie Dogma was formed in 2015 by Dave Jackson & Michael Lundy; kindred musical spirits who  joined forces out of a mutual respect for, (and a love of), Americana music, Alt Country, Jam Bands, and heartfelt classical rock music.

Over the years & miles, the band has journeyed to this point with the addition of their musical brother, Tyler Henry, and have made a tasteful impact throughout the Central Pennsylvania music scene.

Prairie Dogma's musical menu is inspired by such bands as The Grateful Dead, Phish, Wilco, and Talking Heads.  They also include artist such as Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Nick Lowe, Michael Nesmith, and Bob Marley in their music stew. 

The band also adds a dash of original songs that add a unique flavor to the mix.

They serve this up with tight arrangements, hand percussion,
innovative jams, and clever song mash-ups.

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Press Photos

Prairie Dogma: Dave Jackson; Tyler Henry; Michael Lundy

Working In The Studio

Prairie Dogma: Michael Lundy; Dave Jackson; Tyler Henry